About us

Hire freelance graduates and students, get jobs done!

The idea for studentgems.com came from working on a project which needed some photography. Commercial costs were too high so we thought we would find a student and pay them instead, also giving them some valuable experience.

We found a student who took some stunning photos and she was delighted to earn much more than she would have done in her part-time job as a waitress. Finding her was not easy, if only there was a nationwide student database so everyone could benefit from this fantastic pool of student talent...




Why use studentgems?

Students can now use their developing skills to earn at a higher rate (whilst not charging fully qualified professional level fees), as well as doing the usual student jobs.

Businesses can make their money go further by using studentgems.com to find a student to do websites, logos, photography, translations, research, admin...and more.

Individuals can benefit too, by having access to services that may previously have been cost prohibitive, eg. illustrating, portrait photography, jewellery design, musicians... the list goes on.

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