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StudentMoney Saver

At Student Money Saver, we’re up all night to save you every last penny. We help you live the life you want on the budget you’re stuck with so our site is full of deals, discounts and ways to make money quickly.

We cover everything you need to know about student finance and if you have any questions unanswered, use our live chat and we’ll help you out then and there.

Website: www.studentmoneysaver.co.uk

Are you due a tax rebate?

Been on a placement, internship or even worked part time? If so, it is extremely likely that you will be due a tax repayment.

Visit taxback4students to find out more.

One in three of us are due a tax repayment, which can be as much as £650, visit us now to find out if you're eligible, what are you waiting for...?!

Taxback4students - clear, impartial & professional tax services for students.

Website: www.taxback4students.com/studentgems

Student Cash Today
Do You Want To Have Extra Spare Cash As A Student?

We Are Here To Help!

StudentCashToday aims to give its visitors the best possible advice on how to be a student and still have the money to do the things we all enjoy.

We provide you with easy step-by-step guides on how to make or save Cash Today!

So what are you waiting for? Never miss a student deal again by signing up to our free newsletter.

Website: www.studentcashtoday.co.uk

Broke in London
Broke in London

A website for old, new and soon to be Londoners, who all face the big, bad impossible challenges of surviving on the cheap in the capital. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the websites and links to help in your search for; jobs, accommodation, budget food & shopping, bargain transportation and entertainment as well as any other money saving offers or wonders we happen to have the inside info on, all here in one snappy place. We know how much you need it because we need it too, so quit daydreaming about winning the lottery and allow us to make this mission possible for you!

Website: www.brokeinlondon.com

Graduate Recruitment Bureau
Graduate Recruitment Bureau

Graduate Recruitment Bureau is a niche recruitment agency specialising in placing graduates into graduate jobs. We provide a free career matchmaking service for students and graduates.

Website: www.grb.uk.com

You - uni and life. From students for students.

Younilife.com is the UK's Student Website, run by students for students. It provides a university ranking service that allows students to rate any university in the UK according to their experience. In addition, it provides student news, UK Student Music Charts, a top of the line accommodation service for students and landlords alike, Student Hot or Not, a UK-wide What's On Guide and much more.

Website: www.younilife.com

Save the Student
Don't be a skint student

Save the Student! aims to tackle growing student debt by providing free advice on making the most of your finances in easy and practical ways. As the cost of university education continues to grow, and the economy recedes, we believe that an awareness of your (often borrowed) money situation is as important as ever! Start taking control now by visiting our new website.

Website: www.savethestudent.org

Jobseeker Forum
For whatever job you're looking for

Jobseeker Forum is an impartial service set up to help jobseekers in their hunt for work.  We write extensive news, advice and reviews on our main site, share the latest job opportunities through our Twitter feed and the latest news and helpful media on our Facebook page - with jobseekers across the UK.  Why not get involved and join the discussion?

Website: jobseekerforum.wordpress.com

Local Free Vouchers
Local Free Vouchers

Student Gems have teamed up with localfreevouchers.com to offer our members lots of free vouchers.

You can receive a single monthly email or facebook message containing free discount vouchers - no catch, no cost, no junk mail, just savings.

Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Vouchers-High-Wycombe/147104398692403

Earn money from an advert on your car!

Uni Car Ads will pay you £30 – £60 a month for having a harmless advert on your car.It’s a great way to take some of the cost out of driving and could potentially pay for your petrol every month!

How it works

1. Uni Car Ads places the adverts on your car and removes them for you. You get paid directly each month you keep the ads on your car.

2. Advertisers include Domino’s Pizza, Accenture, IKEA, Wilkinson, Target Jobs, Pizza Express and many local businesses.

3. Uni Car Ads is currently recruiting students in Newcastle, Edinburgh, Durham, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Oxford, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Glasgow, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Cardiff and Reading.

4. Sign up for free today to find out more (no obligation) and start making your car pay you back!

Website: www.unicarads.co.uk

Students Love Uni
Students Love Uni

Students Love Uni (SLU) is the first ever UK city guide for students, written entirely by students and graduates. SLU offers prospective and current students a unique insight into individual uni cities. It also features current information on the essentials of student life such as nightlife, student accommodation, the latest film, DVD and music reviews as well as loads of cool things to win.

Website: www.studentsloveuni.co.uk

Want to getin2marketing?

If you’re thinking about a career in marketing, you’ll know it can be a tough profession to break into. Why not get ahead of the competition by visiting getin2marketing.com, a free information resource from The Chartered Institute of Marketing, designed to give recent graduates and undergraduates an insight into marketing and related professions. Get access to a wealth of industry knowledge, information and tips including work placements, job profiles, downloadable resources and CV advice.

Website: www.getin2marketing.com

Making student life easier

Loot4Students aims to make student life easier. We help you turn the student life into the sweet life!

Find guides to making money, saving money, student discounts and just about everything student.

Come join our growing student community today!

Website: www.loot4students.com

Get Free Deals and Compare Products at StudentMoney.co.uk!

StudentMoney.co.uk is a student money advice, deals and comparison site. Launched in 2012, we provide the latest news on student finance and tuition fees, plus students can compare deals and offers on our site.

We also have a number of helpful tools for students including a student loans repayment calculator and a weekly budget planner. Sign up to our exclusive newsletter for more money saving tips, competitions and deals.

Website: www.studentmoney.co.uk