Success stories

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Success... photography

I needed to earn some money to fund my gap year before going off to university. My hobby is photography and I have been able to do several photography jobs through studentgems.

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This image is part of a family commission I did by the River Thames.

"To anyone who is doubting the usefulness of this site, think again. Set up a good profile page and you're sorted!"

Success... costume design

"Before uni I was really worried about debt, so I tried to think of ways to cut costs, I realised that while I couldn't avoid certain expenses, I could get a job. I thought I'd earn more using my sewing and costume design skills, and knew it would be more useful for my future career too. I want to make costumes in film and theatre.

I put up pictures of outfits I'd made and that led to two big jobs: making a wedding dress, and creating life-size tomato and banana costumes for a publishing company on a book tour. I was paid £600 for the dress and £300 for the two costumes."

Success... creative staff

"As a small business, Studentgems is invaluable to me. Having looked around for ways to recruit staff, I found that I was often priced out of using traditional methods such as the local newspaper, with no guarantee that I would find the right staff. Using Studentgems has ensured I can focus on my target market and recruit enthusiastic, energetic and creative staff, as and when I need them."

Success... programming

"It has paid for pretty much for all of the things I have wanted, clothes and everything. I mean it is just a really good source of income. There are people doing gap years and internships at big companies and they have nowhere near the kind of experience I have gained from this research and development project through Its a really good source of income."